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Fee-Only Financial Planning for Indian immigrants


CapitalWe was started for a pretty simple reason: To help you make better decisions with your money.

We want to emphasize that WE - you and us - are a team.

We will work together to put your Capital to work, and help you achieve the financial future of your dreams!

No two people have the same definition of success, nor do they have the same financial situation.

We create customized financial plans best suited to your goals, and help you implement them successfully! 

Let's discuss how we can help you, even if you want to Do It Yourself!

Become financially savvy as an immigrant in the US with my newsletter. Every month, you get actionable insights on how to make your money work for you. 



I am Vrishin Subramaniam (he/him), IAR, CFP® candidate, and Founder of CapitalWe

Originally born and raised in New Delhi, India, I came to the USA when I was 17 to attend college at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A little over a decade later, I have worked as a technology consultant, lived in 7 cities, gotten married to my lovely wife Sharanya, and picked up a liking (plus a license!) for Scuba diving. We have been calling the DC area (Arlington, VA) home for just under a year, although we do spend a considerable time in sunny California!
I want to make financial planning more accessible to more people (especially people on an H1b or GC) while eschewing the suit and tie!

Image by William Bayreuther


In 2014, I graduated college without a job offer lined up, so I moved to the Bay Area in search of a job. Desperate after a couple months of non-stop job searching, I took the first offer I got, which paid a low salary (by Bay Area standards). I found it challenging to cover bills and rent even while being paid a “coveted” bay area tech salary. In order to make ends meet, I quickly became obsessed with optimizing each dollar and eventually with the FIRE movement (Financial Independence / Retire Early). After speaking with friends, family and colleagues who were all struggling with similar challenges, I realized this is a universal problem.

Having learnt about investing, I wanted to find a good advisor who would be able to round out my spreadsheets and was willing to work with young professionals, but found the advisors either had high minimums or were trying to sign me up for sub-par financial products to earn their commissions. I started CapitalWe to relieve financial stress for all young professionals as they transition between various stages of life: school, marriage, home-buying and all other firsts!

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