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Our pricing is meant to be simple and transparent.


Starting at $3500/ yr

For those who want an ongoing financial planning relationship:

  1. Real time, adaptive planning throughout the year.

  2. Unlimited advice on the selected scope(s) of engagement.

  3. No time limits and no session limits throughout the year.

  4. Choice of private office or virtual conference meetings.

  5. Includes written plan (electronic and hardcopy).

  6. Includes personal cloud storage for all your vital records.

  7. Includes implementation, monitoring of the overall plan, and at least one annual review.

**Net worth is calculated by taking the value of all the things you own (cash, car, stocks, etc excluding house) and subtracting what you owe (credit card debt, student loan, etc excluding mortgage). A minimum annual fee of $3,000 applies.

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$ 125/ 15 mins 

For those who may not be ready for comprehensive planning, but are looking for advice on specific topics.
Undivided attention from an advisor, regardless of whether you need a second opinion or assessment on a limited scope (one topic) with no commitment.


 1% of money managed (Assets under Management)

Designed for those who are building their careers and want their money management done by someone they can trust and defer to, so they can focus on more important aspects of life. Expect to build a long-term relationship!

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As fiduciaries we set out to create a compensation structure that shows we are aligned with you.

Since we believe in tracking your Net Worth (what you own, minus what you owe) to understand your wealth, we felt that a structure based on Net Worth made the most sense.

We are here to help you efficiently grow and maintain your net worth while minimizing risk along the way. 

Having this pricing model reduces conflicts of interests as the advisor is more aligned with your interests. There is no change in compensation for deciding to:

  • Build a sufficient emergency fund

  • Make a house purchase out of savings from your portfolio

  • Pay down debts from your portfolio

  • Leave your 401k account in place near an early retirement or because there are low-cost investment options that fit your needs

Our compensation is the same regardless of where you choose to custody your investments or have us manage them. This means our only incentive is to help you grow and maintain your wealth.

Fees are paid on a quarterly basis per your preference. Payments can be made from your investment accounts or paid via Credit Card or ACH.


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